the Absolut Miami Florida Limited Edition Vodka, a flavored vodka expression that served as the sixth limited-edition, city-inspired offering infused with the lip-smacking flavors of orange and passion fruit. Each bottle of this vodka began its life with Swedish winter wheat before being fermented and then distilled. The resulting a clean, clear, and smooth spirit is then infused with natural flavors before being cut with pristine, locally-sourced water and finally packaged in a specially-designed bottle adorned with various images associated with Miami.

Each sip of this vodka begins with a heady nose of tart citrus and passion fruit, paving the way for a crisp and vibrant palate consisting of generous helpings of passion fruit supported by hints of grain and zesty orange, all tied together by a delicate medicinal finish with a pleasing alcohol burn.

An excellent treat for those like spirits with a little tropical tinge, the Absolut Florida Limited Edition Vodka is one bottle you would definitely be happy to add to your shelf. So get one for yourself today and indulge in the refreshing flavors that only this exquisite Swedish vodka can deliver.

Made from high-quality Swedish winter wheat
Flavored with real passion fruit and orange blossoms
Great for cocktails

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